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Authenticate embedded Scribes and Pages

AUTHOR: The Scribe Team

What’s new?

We’ve rolled out new sharing settings to allow you to securely embed Scribes and Pages. If you want to embed a Scribe in another tool, you can now set tighter share settings which prompt a viewer to be authenticated by Scribe in order to view the embedded Scribe or Page via another tool. This provides an extra layer of security without sacrificing the convenience of embedded Scribes and Pages.

How does it work?

Now, you can set Scribes and Pages to “Shared with Team” or “Shared with Organization,” embed them into other tools, and Scribe will authenticate any viewers so that those with the right access can view the content as expected. If a viewer with a Scribe account is not logged in, they’ll simply go through the log in flow and be redirected back to the tool so they can view your embedded Scribe or Page. If a viewer is not on your Scribe team, they can go through the sign up flow from the embed as well.

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