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Avoid creating Scribes with zero steps with new network alerts

AUTHOR: The Scribe Team

What’s new?

There's nothing worse than capturing a Scribe just to learn you had a network problem that prevented the screenshots from working properly. We've released new alerts that notify you if an issue will prevent your Scribes from capturing correctly - so you can fix it before you do any work.

How does it work?

If we recognize there's an issue that will prevent Scribe from working correctly, you'll see a new alert pop up when you click "Capture" in the browser extension.

There are 2 issues we can alert you of:

  1. Can't connect to the internet: This alert means your internet connectivity is too weak for Scribe to work correctly. We recommend improving your internet connection and then capturing your Scribe.

  2. Cannot connect to Scribe's servers: This alert means there is a firewall or another security layer preventing your device from properly connecting to our servers. We recommend contacting your network administrator or IT team for more help and next steps. For additional information, see this help center article.

If your issue can't be remedied and you need our help, you can contact Support directly from the browser extension.

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