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Capture, search, and share Scribes - without ever leaving Slack

AUTHOR: The Scribe Team

What’s new?

Scribe's new Slack app allows users to capture, search, and share Scribes - all from Slack! A lot of our users spend their days answering "how do I?" questions from teammates and clients on Slack, so we wanted to make it even easier and faster to send a Scribe. Whether you've already captured the Scribe or need to create a new one, the Scribe Slack app helps you do that instantaneously, so you can get back to your real job.

How does it work?

You can do 3 main things with our Slack app: capture a Scribe, search for and share a Scribe, or update viewer permissions.

To start, you'll need to download the app from the Slack App Directory. Once you've installed it on your Slack workspace, you can use the following features.

/scribe capture -> this will launch either the browser extension or desktop app and begin capturing a new Scribe.

/scribe search [keyword] -> type in a keyword for the Scribe you're searching for to pull up top results from your workspace and share via Slack DM or channel.

Update permissions -> if you share a Scribe with someone who doesn't have view access, you can now easily update their permissions to view or edit.

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