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Make your screenshots perfect with the new image editor

AUTHOR: The Scribe Team

We know it’s important that your Scribes convey exactly what you want, so we are excited to announce new advanced image editing features!

What’s new?


  • New crop options are available at the top of the editor under "Crop".

  • A trackpad or the slider at the bottom can be used to zoom in/out when cropping.


  • The orange dot can now be moved or deleted.

  • You can add lines, arrows, shapes, and text, or free draw with the sharpie tool.

  • We've added more colors, fonts, and other customizations.


  • You can now use redact with a blurred box.

How does it work?

To get started with the new image editor, navigate to any Scribe in Edit Mode, and select the image icon in the top right corner of any screenshot.

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