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Organize Scribes into a single document with Pages

AUTHOR: The Scribe Team

What’s new?

Pages makes it even easier to capture, organize and share processes. Pages allows you to organize your Scribes into a single document, and help explain multi-step processes like:

  • New hire onboarding

  • Customer trainings

  • Technology rollouts

  • ...and more!

How does it work?

Creating a new Page is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Create

  • Create a new Page by selecting ‘New Page’ in the top right of your workspace


  • Use an existing Scribe to start a new Page by navigating to the “Add to New Page” button in the editor sidebar or in the sharing settings

Step 2: Edit

  • Add a title and icon to your Page

  • Add any number of Scribes

  • Add text and additional context to your Page with rich text formatting

  • Use the “/” menu to add headers, lists and embedded videos (Loom and YouTube only)

  • Customize your Page header with gradient colors

Step 3: Share

  • Pages can be shared just like Scribes

    • Share via URL to send in Slack, Teams, email and anywhere you communicate with colleagues

    • Hyperlink in documents, help centers, and any tool that your company stores information in

    • Control your team permissions and set them to view-only or edit

Can I see some examples?

  1. How to use Pages

  2. How to create sales territories

  3. Top 5 tips for getting started in Slack

  4. The onboarding guide to Zoom Engage

  5. Setting up Calendly

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